Mentor UPP Mission Statement:

• Provide Peer Mentees an instant connection with trained UA College of Engineering Peer Mentors, who can offer a complete picture of campus life

• Give Peer Mentors leadership opportunities to serve the College of Engineering and its students as well as provide future leadership opportunities to current Peer Mentees

• Make encouraging environments where Peer Mentors provide assistance and share information and experiences with their Mentor Groups

• Offer information on a variety of activities, programs, and events that touch on the full experience of campus life to Peer Mentees and Peer Mentors with little or no cost

• Foster community with students where they can share their unique academic and extra‐curricular interests

• Make UA and the College of Engineering personal by connecting campus and community resources and activities

Mentor UPP Program Goals:

• To cultivate relationships between first-year students and upperclassmen

• To increase first-year student involvement, retention, and confidence

• To provide a support system for College of Engineering students

• To present upperclassmen with leadership opportunities

• To offer first-year students an opportunity to explore the resources and activities provided by UA and the College of Engineering

• To give Peer Mentees an opportunity to give back to future students as future Peer Mentors