Mentor UPP Peer Program Mentee Agreement

By completing and submitting the Mentor UPP registration form, I am stating that I have read the agreement and I understand that Mentor UPP is an academic year-long commitment and I agree to meet and abide by the terms and expectations of this agreement and understand that failure to do so may result in release from the program. Also, I understand that the information on my registration form will be provided to my Peer Mentor(s) and the Peer Mentees in my Mentor Group and I agree to these terms.


In an effort to make the Mentor UPP Peer Program a successful experience for both Peer Mentees and Peer Mentors, all Peer Mentees are required to read and agree to the online Peer Program Mentee Agreement which outlines the expectations, responsibilities, and requirements of the program.

The University of Alabama is an institution which values diversity of thought and background, and strives to be welcoming and inclusive of everyone with consideration and respect for others, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and religion. Mentor UPP Peer Mentees are representatives of The University of Alabama and College of Engineering and must continually exhibit respect, dignity, and courtesy.

It is imperative that Peer Mentees maintain appropriate relationships with Peer Mentors, other Peer Mentees, and the Mentor UPP Advisory Board at all times. Inappropriate relationships or the appearance of such relationships with any program participant must be avoided and are grounds for immediate removal from the Mentor UPP program. Only platonic, professional relationships are consistent with the Mentor UPP Peer program.

*Peer Mentees are required to attend mandatory meetings/events during the academic year:
* Kickoff – (attend one of the offered sessions, if possible with Mentor Group)
* Attend Peer Mentor Group meetings as agreed upon by your group
* Attend at least one session of the Mentor UPP Monthly Activities with your Mentor Group if possible

*Mentee Groups will work with their Peer Mentors to set expectations and a Mentor Group SMART goal.

*Peer Mentees are to meet with their Peer Mentors as well as communicate by telephone, text, and/or email on an on-going basis throughout the academic year and are expected to attend planned activities with their Mentor Groups. All interactions are to be entered into the Mentor APP software. The Mentor UPP schedule is provided in Mentor APP under Resources.

*Peer Mentees are to submit updates or other information as requested by the Mentor UPP Advisory Board for accountability. Feedback is critical to the future of Mentor UPP.

As with everything in life, the benefits you will expect to get from Mentor UPP will be equal to the effort you put into the program.

One of the most important goals of Mentor UPP is to build and nurture strong and healthy relationships with your Peer Mentor(s) and other Peer Mentees! Your time is needed to build relationships.