Community Service Project:

In the spring, Mentor Groups may choose to participate in a Community Service Project instead of or in addition to the Monthly Mentor Group Activities. Mentor UPP will provide community service opportunities on the Spring Schedule. Peer Mentors may contact the Center for Service and Leadership at to coordinate additional opportunities for their Mentor Groups to participate in. Participating Mentor Groups focus on the importance of engaging in meaningful and experiential learning opportunities where students enhance their leadership skills while becoming active, global citizens. Community service can be transformational for students and the communities they serve.

Logging Community Service Volunteer Hours:

To track your Community Service hours, Peer Mentors and Peer Mentees should enter their time under Interactions>Community Service along with the dates and times in MentorAPP. At the end of the semester, the community service hours performed by each Mentor Group member will be sent to the Center for Service and Leadership.