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User Stories

Madeline Gilmer

I knew from the first workshop that Mentor UPP was the community I wanted to surround myself with as I progressed through my collegiate years. I have formed incredible relationships and connections with faculty, alumni, professors, and other students by becoming involved in this organization. There is an abundance of mentors that will pour into you as a student and member of the community. I am so thankful for Mentor UPP, and I never fail to mention it to fellow engineering students at The University of Alabama.

Madeline Gilmer, Junior

Alora Terry

Mentor UPP was truly an invaluable experience for me. It offered me the opportunity to learn more about networking and to meet other people in the College of Engineering while gaining leadership experience as a mentor. Being a member of the Advisory Board allowed me to grow as a young professional and increased my confidence. Also, I had the chance to make lifelong friends that I hope to keep in touch with now that I've graduated.

Alora Terry, Alumnae

Samantha Thomas

Mentor UPP was an amazing experience. I started mentoring my junior year and got super close with my mentees. I attended a majority of the events and made new friends and contacts in the college of engineering very quickly. I joined the advisory board soon after and was able to be voice of change and support for this program that I loved. I got to work side by side with Nancy Holmes and Gayle Howell, two fabulous and inspiration women, who appreciated my input and supported me in all of my academic endeavors. I was able to grow and develop my leadership skills in a setting where I felt valued and heard. I recommend this program to every engineer I meet and I am so, so, so, so sad that I am leaving. I hope the best for the program and will sing its praises wherever I go.

Samantha Thomas, Alumnae

Clint Smith

I was a part of Mentor UPP for five years. From my freshman year, I knew that this organization would allow me to grow as an individual, academically, professionally, and mentally. The Mentor UPP program allowed me to meet with people across the entire College of Engineering, and the relationships that I made within the program will last forever. I was challenged to grow more and to be a better student and person. This program changed my college experience for the better. My one piece of advice to prospective students: The more you give of yourself to an organization (not just this one, but any organization) the more benefits and better experience you will have.

Clint Smith, Alumnus

Blair Butler

Mentor UPP was such an amazing experience for me. It taught me leadership skills, networking skills, and helped me make connections with other students and alumni within the College of Engineering. In fact, the connections I made through Mentor UPP led to a job after I graduated! I can’t recommend the program enough for students at any level.

Blair Butler, Alumnae

Kristin Harris

Through this program, I have not only been able to meet students in different disciplines but I have also been able to make friends. This program has given me the opportunity to mentor and network while engaging with fellow engineering students. Being on the advisory board has also given me the opportunity to work with other members to help shape the direction the program is going. It's a great opportunity and I'm glad I joined my freshman year.

Kristin Harris, Senior